Gold of Bengal, the asso

Gold of Bengal, the asso

The adventure at the service of innovation, useful and durable.
In 1950,. Bombard across the Atlantic on an inflatable raft in order to demonstrate that it is possible to survive with a minimum of equipment. Today, this type of raft team most of the boats in the world and saved thousands of lives.
That would it have been if Bombard had worked in a laboratory to validate his idea rather than on the ground?

That is our philosophy. We believe that the adventure can be a real lever to tackle the great problems of our time differently. And such a positive and optimistic. We also believe that the proof by example is the best way to demonstrate the potential of a solution and to inspire its replication.

The adventure as a catalyst for innovations, vector of awareness and unifying tool.

2innovation projects
5million people reached

The activities of Gold of Bengal


Through his adventures, the Gold of Bengal association aspires to give rise to the explorers of possible vocations.

A 52′ film broadcast on Thalassa / a documentary series on ARTE / a web series on ARTE Future / more than 30 festivals / events, business conferences, etc. / 3 TEDx


Adventure allows you to send a message of fun and recreational way. It can address any kind of global issue of practical and experiential all solutions.

3 shipments of experimentation and exploration / 1 expedition and 1 mini tour in preparation / discoveries workshops / educational activities / video media... 

Launch of project

The adventure is a springboard, a proof of concept for the launch of projects long-term in a positive environment.

2 projects: the Jute Lab and the Low tech Lab

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The findings and knowledge acquired during an adventure come from the common, so they should go back to the common. Gold of Bengal and its projects are therefore to mission to formalize the discoveries to make them usable by all.

Curriculum / program business / workshop / training workshop / conferences / open-source documentation... 

The history of Gold of Bengal


Chatelperron CorentinFounder / adventurer
Pierre-Alain LévêqueLow-tech Lab / head of innovation projects
Amandine GarnierCoordination / development
Camille DubandLow-tech Lab / Manager awareness
Quentin MateusJute Lab / Communication and awareness
Marion Olekhnovitch Jute Lab / project and partnerships development
Clément ChabotLow-tech Lab / business manager
Mike MonteghettiGold of Bengal/Administrative assistant
Naïm DudeLow-Tech Lab/WEB project manager and community
Lauren PourretJute Lab/Technical Manager