Shipping Gold of Bengal

Shipping Gold of Bengal


AreaBay of Bengal

TripBangladesh > Indonesia

Duration6 months
An expedition to test an innovative boat and try out for independent living.GOLD OF BENGAL

After a first adventure onboard Tara Tari, reinforced sailboat to 40% composite of jute, Corentin Soars on Gold of Bengal: first boat in the world 100% made with natural fibers. In 6 months, he surveyed the waters of the Bay of Bengal to confirm the potential of innovation. But Paul will be another challenge: survive through low-technology, simple, accessible and sustainable systems. The adventure will end at Tambarat, a deserted island transformed into a true place of experimentation of life through the low-tech.

This expedition will reveal the importance of developing low-technology and launch the project Low-tech lab.

It also gave its name to the association.




During his entire expedition, Corentin filmed its successes, its failures and its findings. These pieces of adventure helped make a film documentary of 52 minutes, tinted with humour and optimism!

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"The trip is not abreast to get somewhere but actually to go, take the time to get there, to live fully the thousand adventures we offer road, share the thousand smiles that we reserve its meetings, to enjoy the freedom that it gives us"
French Research Institute for exploitation of the sea
Is the research project on jute. Founded in 2010 by Marc Van Peteghem and Yves Marre, it is intended to provide assistance to the poor, who live on the shores of the oceans and rivers by studying and implementing technical solutions to their situations social, economic, and climate in all areas related to the @: www.watever.orgcontact: Jeremy Bertaud (Coordinator)
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