Expedition Tara Tari

Expedition Tara Tari


Distance9000 miles

TripBangladesh > France

Duration186 days
An adventure to introduce jute in the composite sector.Tara Tari

Of Bangladesh to the France, the small fishing sailboat Tara Tari, skippered by Corentin Chatelperron, lived an adventure scientific and human of 16,700 km traveled in 186 days. This experimental ship is the first of burlap into its construction. August 17, 2010, at the end of this expedition, Tara Tari has demonstrated that it is possible to produce boats using a composite made from jute fiber. This alternative to the fiberglass has ecological and economic advantages for the development of Bangladesh. Since this expedition, a research laboratory was mounted near Dhaka, in order to develop a composite fiber of jute for Bangladesh industry (manufacturing of boats, furniture, habitat, etc.).

The adventure

In 6 months, the sailboat sank in the Brahmaputra river, past the slums of Dhaka and joined the delta of the Ganges. He sailed in the Bay of Bengal to Sri Lanka and then, pushed by the monsoon winds, it exceeded the Maldives and crossed the Indian ocean to reach the Gulf of Aden. Since Yemen, he reassembled the Red Sea, crossed the Mediterranean and joined the France. Pirates, common, kicking wind, administrative blocks, technical problems, sharks, reefs... Corentin and his sailboat lived an adventure and have achieved their goal: prove the resistance of jute in extreme conditions.

Maximum width: 2 m

Overall length: 9 m

Weight: 1,6 t

Sail surface: 21 m²


0.5/1, 5 m [derivatives recorded/down]


The realization of this small fishing sailboat Bangladeshi was itself a challenge. Life-size experiment, Tara Tari is the first boat in the world realized composite integrating jute fiber (at 40%). It marks the first step of the research on this material.

Built in 3 months in the shipyard Tara Tari, metal parts and layout of the sailboat come essentially products available locally, from the recycling of freighters deconstructed in Bangladesh (windows of freighters, mate in pipes, derivatives in pieces of shell, etc.). Only safety and navigation equipment has been imported (Plastimo, Harken, impact).

In photos, videos, book... The story

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Armed with his pen and his book, Corentin tells anecdotes about this adventure in a light and entertaining story.

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TaraTari arrived a la Ciotat Tuesday to 16 h, impregnated with salt and load of good memories!