Nomad of the seas, on board innovation

Nomad of the seas, on board innovation




CONCARNEAU, Morocco, Senegal, Cape Verde, Brazil, South Africa, Madagascar, Seychelles, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia...

Duration3 years

Departure / February 23, 2016

3 years around the world to the discovery of low-tech innovationNomad of the seas

At the end of shipping Gold of Bengal, we we were promised, we would leave on a boat laboratory that'd run on board the most promising low-tech. He would go around the world in search of the most ingenious inventors and would experience autonomy thanks to the low tech!

In 2016, the sea Nomad, catamaran Ambassador of the low tech, left the port of Concarneau for 3 years of exploration around the world!

Experimental platform of the low tech, support of promotion and vector of dissemination, the nomad of the seas aims to become an autonomous eco-system model, standard bearer of innovation sustainable and solidarity.

The MissionShowcase low-tech around the world initiatives
Useful and sustainable innovation

Thanks to a television series and a web-series, contextual and technical items shipping Nomad of the seas offers a scene to low tech initiatives too often ignored and the modes of sustainable innovation too little used.

Explore the continents looking for the most promising low-tech

The nomad of the seas goes in search of the most ingenious inventors and most inspiring initiatives. Via the platform of the Low tech Lab, crew documents technical solutions met in order to make them accessible to all open-source.

Experiment with the low-tech daily

Aboard a catamaran-laboratory, the crew of the sea Nomad experience low-technology on a daily basis in order to demonstrate their potential and the need to optimize!

Aware of the environmental, economic and social issues

By this adventure, the sea Nomad expedition aims to highlight simple alternative solutions to our environmental, economic and vital issues.

The rideMore than 30 thematic stops

At each stop, the crew will interested in local issues and highlight a low-tech implementation solution.

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