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Jute Lab

The Jute Lab initiates and carries research and development aiming to demonstrate the potential of the jute fiber.

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The observation
30 million Bengalis living still directly or indirectly of jute fiber, nothing to Bangladesh.

On one side of the promising prospects for natural fibres, the other a know-how and an industry threatened by more polluting materials.

In the industrial context, the approach of eco-design of products brings industry to study and integrate the natural fibres for their strength and their renewability.

The jute fiber goes further on these two plans with a particularly low density, and a more sustainable production.

However, this fiber available in very large quantities in Bengal is at the moment not enough studied for its technical potential is exploited to its fair value.

The Mission
Promote and facilitate the development of innovative applications of jute fiber, aiming first at local markets.

The Jute Lab identifies and mapping the actors of the sector jute in Bengal to connect them with other industries and thus open new opportunities for this natural resource.


The Jute Lab initiates and anime research projects to advance knowledge on the jute fiber and its integration in composite materials.

Proof of concept

To demonstrate the potential of the fibre of jute, Jute Lab develops and realizes evidence concept grandeur nature, innovative or value-added in different areas of application: boating, furniture, winter sports...


Jute Lab implements actions to raise awareness among the general public, the actors of research and industrialists to make known to the largest number of fiber of gold assets.

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