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The Low tech Lab

The Low tech Lab is a program of research and documentation Open Source to increase the low-tech innovation while boosting its development.

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The observation
90% of designers work for 10 percent of the population.
E.Smith, Designother90

All over the world, ingenious inventors are innovating with the means to meet their basic needs.

Their solutions are designed for reasons vital, environmental or economic, they highlight a deficiency in the classic search, it interested above all in creating complex, not mutualy comfort products by all.

These solutions enhancing the knowledge, resources and local know-how are of interest to millions of people, but the actors of the development often lack the resources (human, financial, material) to accelerate innovation and the sharing of knowledge.

The Mission
Co-develop, document and share a range of technical solutions Open Source allowing everyone to satisfy its basic needs of an autonomous and sustainable way.

Low tech Lab lists and mapping low-tech players so that everyone can identify the problems and the solutions that can help loan from home, or at the other end of the world...


The Low tech Lab documents technology in open source on its collaborative online platform so that shared solutions can be replicated or optimized by all.


Such a centre of R & D decentralized, Low-tech Lab identifies in its community members to connect, then accompanies them to create beautiful ideas.


The Low tech Lab prototype solutions low tech to demonstrate their potential, to test them, optimize them or characterize them.


Potential ecological, environmental and economic impacts, knowledge and thinking low tech deserve to be disseminated widely through a workshop, training, field operations...


At the intersection of environmental, social and economic spheres, the low-tech are perfect tools of awareness. And most importantly, they can tell great stories !

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